Corona Museum

The Corona Museum showcases the area's history and culture, dating from the Native American and first Spanish settlers to the 1850's stage line and the arrival of the railroad and establishment of the Village of Corona in 1903.  Displays track the daily home, business and civic life of the pioneers who ranched, farmed and built a community together in historic Lincoln County, in the very heart of the state of New Mexico.

The Museum was established, and is still maintained, by a team of volunteers who give of their time, belongings passed down over the generations and, mostly, their love of the community. The building underwent renovation during the winter of 2018-2019 and the exhibits were updated.

The Corona Museum will be open most weekdays for the summer season on May 1, 2023. Tours by special appointment are also available by calling 505-219-7595.  

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A typical pioneer kitchen is among the displays recreated at the Corona Museum.

Commerce was king with Corona serving as a regional hub, first for the stage lines
then the railroad. The region produced ore, cattle and sheep. Cattle ranching
remains key to the local economy. The Corona Museum recreates a typical office
setting from that era.